When you wear your limited edition TRIBE + FABLE clothing, you can feel the love that has gone into it's creation. As we have previous blogged, all our fabrics are hand screen printed on long tables, after which more experts are involved....
Below in the photo you see Wayan waving to us from the top of
the fabric drying area!
Our hand screen printed fabrics once partially dried on the printing tables, are then hung and air dried by being threaded over bamboo poles hanging high above the ground. The fabrics are run expertly by hand in-between the poles in the open air, however a roof is needed to protect against sudden rain fall ruining the fabric. After this they are again washed and dried for softness and managability and so they will not shrink.
After this long process we start to cut the pattern for your item and then one of the ladies in our small team will sew your dress or kimono. There are many people in the process of making just one item!
We love the process and continue to pass on the love.  By wearing your
TRIBE + FABLE Garment or Jewellery item you have touched
the lives of many and given fairly paid artisans work 
Happy Sunday People,
Love T+F
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