Collection: FRAGRANCE

We got together with renowned Perfumier Nana de Bary, to offer you a range of fabulous pure parfums not previously available in the UK. Nana's art of creating scent has always been about capturing the romantic essence or the mystery of people and places she has loved best. This rang true us, the quality and depth of fragrance is so important, and also sits with the beliefs of the TRIBE + FABLE Collection. It is a pleasure to bring to you the wonderful, evocative and exquisite line, Liaison de Parfum.

The range is composed of five distinctive scents, and has been almost five years in the making. Each Parfum is de Bary’s homage to stages of a life well-lived. Made in France, using traditional methods of classic perfumery, de Bary’s creative use of precious essences– which range from familiar favorites like rose and citrus, to new classics like Oudh or exotic Immortelle– have earned her a place as one of the world‘s most exciting perfumers ever since she launched her first fragrance, more than a decade ago. We hope you love the range as much as we do!

All our fragrances are sealed and cannot be returned if opened.