About Us

The TRIBE + FABLE brand was created by Julia in 2013 and was deeply inspired by her love of travel, adventure and the natural world. She felt a need to move away from mass production and consumption, being drawn to create a brand which took things back to more traditional and ethical making methods and working with individual talented artisans.
It was important for Julia to use natural, breathable fabrics and traditional hand screen printing methods for limited run prints and colour-ways. All the fabrics are hand screen printed outside on large tables. They are then hung up over bamboo in the fresh air to dry before being cut into garments. Quite often we only produce between 4-8 pieces of any particular style/colour, therefore the likelihood of you bumping into someone in the same item is rare. The finest level of rayon voile is used, which means that the items are soft, light, breathable, easy to take care of and perfect for hot weather and holiday packing. Fine rayon voile has a much higher thread count than most cotton fabrics, making it super silky soft with a very flattering effect. 
Julia's Maasai friend and artisan Moses in the Negong Hills of Kenya, casts her designs from recycled padlocks, traditionally in sand and wax. Nur in Bali meticulously hand knots semi-precious stones and hand makes tassels. Madey takes pride in making our one off pieces and works in 925 silver, gold and bronze. We invest in these people to improve their quality of life.
The use of colour is hugely important to us for it's mood elevating effects, in fact Julia trained in colour analysis at London College of Style, where colour almost become a therapy. Our energy healer channels the finished tassel necklaces with positive energy, so you can feel really good when wearing your individual piece.
You are all unique and so are our pieces. We are passionate about finding the best stones and pearl selections, so each necklace has a point of difference and is in it's own way unique. We add recycled metals, vintage pieces of fabric and vintage finds regularly into our range as we believe in up cycling. We believe in creating spiritual heirloom pieces, that go beyond fashion trends and are always uplifting to wear.
We work with a small social enterprise group in Kenya, which is close to our heart and run by a kind and carling lady called Rose. This small charity gives sewing work to women living in the Nairobi slums, paid directly at good rates, so they are able to feed themselves and their children. These ladies produce our fabric gift bags are to be re-used to keep your tassel in when travelling. They are hand made from traditional limited edition Kitenge fabrics of Kenya which are usually only ever printed once and never found again. Therefore our gift bag fabric designs constantly change and only a few of each are made. Another point of uniqueness we love to add.
We would like to thank you for supporting us on our journey to make a difference with beautiful, limited pieces. We truly hope you enjoy wearing your unique and positive piece of jewellery as much as we enjoyed creating it.