On that first warm spring-summer day that you feel inspired to put on a pair of shorts, there's often just a moment of fear. The getting out of pasty legs that have been wrapped up in jeans and tights all winter and spring. It's all a bit....err sudden!

The answer is to "soften" the bare leg exposure and create a soft layering drape in the form of a long kaftan cardigan. Soft fabrics flow easily over shorts, showing legs at the front and also giving more coverage at the back, so you don't feel too exposed.

We love to wear the rock and roll look. Above we have teamed our long black paradise kimono with a pair of classic indigo Levis shorts. These are quite short but more of a cool boyfriend fit, so have the "not trying to hard" relaxed vibe we are after.  We paired them with a rock vibe tee (simple white is always fresh) and some cool layered jewellery from our range, the studded rock tusk is always a go to pendant for us. A studded belts adds a nice detail and separates the line between tee and shorts. A slightly more oversized tee is best, go up a size or two even, but make sure you get a fine fabric that flows and is not stiff or boxy, here we used a Zadig and Voltaire SS19 Tee. Tuck the tee in at the front a little to show the belt detail, then let it hang over around the sides a little and out more at the back, basically play with it until it looks effortless!  Finally add a pair of vintage sunnies for that understated boho rock glam.

Layering in this way means you feel a bit more "dressed" in your shorts, perfect if in the heat of the day you want to catch the sun on your legs and later for drinks throw your soft kimono cardigan over. Our paradise kimono is perfect as it's so light you hardly feel it as it gently swishes against your legs, it's not too long to get in the way, but long enough for the desired effect. There you go, day to evening, without an outfit change you cocktail bar ready!

It's a perfect look for home or away, city, beach or festival! 

Enjoy the sunshine people!

Love T+F

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