This is one of our very special limited edition mala pieces in full semi-precious stones. It is designed to wear both long or wrap once around the neck as a double. The temple window is beautifully hand carved by our artisan from ethically sourced bone. It is then hand knotted with rare pink coral, rose quartz and white howlite stones and finished with a flowing soft coral silk tassel.

| The spirit of coral is finding your souls inner beauty anew. Combined with Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love and white howlite which releases stress and an over active mind. A window into the soul represented by the carving. This necklace is your souls inner temple. Calm, healing, self love, and appreciation of self.

| uplifting and calming in colour and properties.

| A wonderful gift for a friend.

| Hand carving by our artisan of the temple window.

| Approx 700mm in length from top to end of tassel.